Artist Statement

Al Denyer


Artist Statement



I am invested in the idea of creating visual illusions, that manifest as a confusion of space / subject as I create different series of 2D works.  What appears as a satellite view of mountain ranges could also be skin as seen through a microscope (macro / micro), or strata on a vertical rock face.  An assumed drawn line is in fact an erased line, as the positive, becomes the negative. 


The works that I make lead the viewer to question, step closer and out of a typical visual comfort zone.  I am committed to the making of aesthetically ‘beautiful’ artworks, yet they are influenced by the ‘ugly’.  The destruction of pristine landscapes, encroachment on protected lands from oil and gas exploration, the human desire to use, pollute, destroy and claim as our own are concerns that drive me as a visual artist to question and address through my work.


I am an obsessive mark maker, and through my process, the miniscule becomes something so much bigger, massive and without boundaries.  As thousands of small individuals might unite to protest / make a statement, similarly I see the act of drawing or painting multiple small marks as a way to make what ultimately becomes something a lot bigger.  The massing of multiple marks creates a powerful illusory aesthetic in my work, resulting in an intimate dialog between the viewer and the artwork.


The relevance of these works has links to the current wave of anti-environmentalist sentiment, denial of global warming and the planets foreboding shift to the Anthropocene.  My intention is to create artworks that function beyond the surface, and lead the viewer to look closer, question, interpret and absorb.